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Earth CoLab is a platform that brings together diverse individuals, institutions, and knowledge(s).


Our aim is to develop new approaches to learning,  science and society interactions, and art practices in nature. 

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This trip to the Maldives is for absolute beginners, or those of you who have tried a hand-held dive somewhere in the world, and are convinced that it is something you wish to pursue and become independent and competent at.


The week's itinerary has been planned with the Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses as the primary focus.



Time || Through the Looking Glass

Time || Through the Looking Glass

Time-lapses highlight processes that are underway all around us - often constantly - but which remain intangible in a given moment because of the timespan across which they occur. . The amount that the plants around us actually move in the course of one day remains invisible to us. The full energy and breath of tidal rise and fall is lost to the observer who watches the waves. Even the patient ones who sit by the shore for the entire tidal shift can never appreciate the inherent pulse in the way the moon moves the oceans. How slowly must we look if we are to observe these things? . These realisations that a time-lapse allows lead to other comparisons. The speed of the tide tells us about the speed at which the moon orbits the earth. Seeds germinate surprisingly fast when the conditions are right, and we wake to our kitchen gardens teeming with new sprouts. Its only when the sun hits the horizon that we realise how quickly it sinks. Or rather, how quickly the earth beneath our feet is spinning. An aerial view shows us how many lights a town turns on when darkness falls. . Time-lapses help to make these intangibles tangible. As the monsoons come to India, many photographers will go out to capture time-lapse videos of the building moisture-laden clouds. But one doesn't have to travel far to marvel at the pace at which natural and man-made processes unfold around us. . Look around you. Find a phone or camera that can shoot a time-lapse and apply your creativity to capturing time. Send us some of your video experiments. We'd love to see them. . #earthcolab #InTheField #timelapse #time #slowlooking #practiceofperspective

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