Omadhoo, Maldives | 1 - 8 October 2022

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever dive expedition that aims to certify divers for Open Water and Advance Open Water Courses


Since the inception of EarthCoLab in 2015, and for many years prior, we have used scuba diving to explore and understand the marine world and bring us closer to a habitat that is often considered alien and hostile. 


Using scuba, we have helped people overcome their fear of water, connect with the marine world, document its fantastic life forms, and learn about themselves in context to the vast and wonderful oceans of south and southeast Asia.


Of late, we have received a number of requests to run a program for beginners that includes the entry-level open water dive certification. Ordinarily, teaching people to scuba dive hasn't been our primary focus. Instead, our programs have delved more deeply into a connection with the marine space that may use diving but transcends the simple act of donning equipment and getting underwater.


However, we do recognise that everybody starts at the beginning. And as the nature of the dive industry in India changes, these beginnings into the world of diving are not always as conscientiously undertaken as many beginner divers would like. And so it is understandable that many of our program participants who are not already certified divers have asked us to introduce them to the sport. And so we've decided to do just that.